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The New Zealand Finescale Story

The story so far…

Way back in the early 90s I was an impoverished recent graduate with a burning desire to build great models of New Zealand Railways. I avidly read the Model Railway Journal and dreamed of being able to get etched brass kits for the models I yearned to build. Wind the clock forward a few years, and I’d learned how to draw up etched kits in CAD and we had a few well received kits and bits on the market. NZFinescale was humming along and we featured in the NZMRJ on a regular basis.

In the new millennium things changed a bit. Home ownership, career change, young family, emigration, repatriation and earthquakes successively diverted my focus and New Zealand Finescale languished.

Since 2014 things have changed again. Technology has moved on making better models easier than ever. We even have our own 3D printer churning out bits.

But we cannot make a living out of modelling, so I have a day job. NZF was always an adjunct to my hobby rather that an end of itself and as I become time-poor I am even less interested in commercial viability than I used to be.

What does all this mean to you?

* Many of the products we have produced in the past are still available for sale.
* Our response time to inquiries can be a bit slow as we are not always here. We love to hear from you though, so stick with it and you will get a response.
* There will be new products. They will be featured here, but may not be advertised widely.
* New products are coming!
* Check back often or register. If you create an account on the site we will let you know when anything new is released.

Its an exciting time to be modelling. Have fun with it.