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User friendly online shopping now available.
Please get in touch if you need something not listed, but featured on the blog, listed in the past or you just have a burning need.

The Big Picture

The Big Picture

The model railway hobby is a broad church. There are easy ways and hard ways, and modelling the New Zealand scene in S scale (1:64), has always been at the difficult end of that continuum.
Here at NZF we like to think we can make things a bit easier, and many of our products break new ground when it comes to achieving the hitherto unachievable.


What we do

What we do

Quite simply, we use the best technology we can access to produce models, kits and parts that are as good as we can get.

Primarily this means etchings and 3D printed patterns with very high resolution coupled to rigorously proven design.

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The NZF Story

The NZF Story

New here?

Please read on for who we are, why we are here and how we can help you build great models of NZR prototypes.

The story so far...

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The Unattainable

Bespoke models or parts for whatever you need

Beautiful kitsets

Make something fantastic

Crisp, hi-res figures

Populate your layout

Bold as

Brass detail castings

Fine as

Etched brass detail parts

A few hard to get tools

Make life easier

DCC boards
New ideas

Do something different

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What's new

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Ex-periments in control
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New wagon kits

Wagon kits are available now.
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Bespoke modelling service
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