Everyone has a pet project they’d love to see as a kit.  We hear about them all the time, and we love to help.  But choosing projects that will be viable has been a bit hit and miss.  So welcome to the WISHLIST.

Here you can propose a project or support a project that is under consideration.

Of course if your project is at the more esoteric end of the spectrum you can always head to the WORKSHOP for a custom build.

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Projects currently awaiting support:


       Iron L kit:   Success!    Buy it here.


All new 1:64 88 seat railcar kitAn all new kit, the body and body detailing for which is complete. Support is needed to develop a full kit as at present the body is a personal commission not for general release. The body is a very accurate 3D print that is easily cleaned up. Details are separate high resolution prints and/or castings. Window frames etc will be etched nickel silver, and glazing will sit within the frames.


Add on kit for the 1:64 NZFinescale F loco kit to enable locos in early conditionReplacement cab etchings, shorter smokebox and some detail castings to enable locos in pre-1900 condition to be built.



Fine print: Please use this area responsibly by voting accurately. Projects listed are proposals only and no firm commitment on production, specification or price is undertaken. If you feel strongly about any of the projects listed please get in touch to discuss.