Yard Ground Throws


This casting allows the purchaser to build two of the common ground throws or one common type and one ‘gooseneck’. The gooseneck lever and crank parts are supplied as etchings.

The common throw locks the turnout in either direction. The gooseneck lever is counterbalanced so that if not held down manually it will always rest in the same position. Relatively rare, the gooseneck was used to protect against dangerous route setting. There was one at the top of the Rewanui incline to prevent the turnout at the top being left set to the incline and thus the risk of runaway.

Built correctly these levers will operate prototypically. The counterweight on the common type needs to be lifted up to unlock it before the lever may be thrown. However these levers are intended for cosmetic use as they are probably not robust enough for sustained operation.


Castings to make standard or gooseneck style ground throws.  Includes etched lever for gooseneck and cranks.


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