BP1656 Bogie kit with late boxes (pair)


A new style of carriage bogie.  Accurate, free-running and super easy to assemble.

An etched frame provides a simple fold up structure to hold the bearings and wheelsets accurate and square.

Detailed 3D printed sideframes fit onto the frame, and the whole assembly is held together by a clip on stretcher.  The frame is sufficiently flexible to provide gentle springing/compensation for good stability and road holding on track.

Details include separate and see through leaf springs, realistic coil springs, boltheads and fine embossed text (where appropriate).

Supplied with North Yard RP25-110 wheelsets

This kit represents the common 4′ 10″ BP1656 car/van bogie fitted with later style axleboxes.


(Note that assembly images may show other bogie types)

Download instructions

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