BP91 Addington car kit


The Addington cars are the classic NZR passenger carriage that were not only numerous themselves, but set the style for many decades.  The examples offered here are based on cars running on the West Coast in the 1940s, but these cars could be found all over the system and many lingered on in departmental use.

The cars exhibited significant variation over the years in roof style and detail, sheathing material, moulding style and internal layout.  The three examples here exhibit many of those variations.  If you desire a specific car not covered by the stock offerings please get in touch as customisation may be possible.

These kits are generally printed to order so expect a delay between order and dispatch.


  • Detailed 3D printed underframe
  • 3D printed body with internal detail.
  • Accurate ‘turtleback’ roof profile
  • Brass detail castings from digital patterns
  • Etched brass windows
  • Etched gates/end railings with assembly jigs
  • Screw assembly of body/roof/underframe using glued in threaded brass inserts
  • Easy to glaze – opening windows
  • Easy to assemble B60 bogies
  • Chose between three different versions (see drawing in the image library):
    • A40: Clerestory roof, wide board siding, centre lavatory, plain mouldings
    • A161: Clerestory roof, narrow siding, eliptical window mouldings, end lavatory
    • A214: Turtleback roof, narrow siding, plain mouldings, centre lavatory

The patternwork for the kits has been from the original prints and is very accurate and detailed.  Ease of assembly has been considered in the design and they are generally relatively simple to assemble. The instructions should be carefully followed, however, as construction is not entirely intuitive.

Clean up on all parts is minimal and kits can mostly be assembled with CA/epoxy. Detail is high and once painted the fact that they are 3D printed is hard to determine. Fit of all parts is extremely good and little fettling is required. Downloadable instructions are in the form of a photographic build diary with accompanying notes.

Note that some examples in the accompanying images are fitted with scale wheels, but kits will be supplied with RP-25 (North Yard).

Couplers  not included, but available separately.  Decals not included – a work in progress.

Download instructions

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