F Locomotive Kit (Short frame, built pre-1880)

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Our kitset for the ubiquitous F class 0-6-0 saddle tank in 1:64.

This version of the kit is for locos built prior to about 1880 with short frames as running after about 1900 (by which time NZR had wrought quite a few changes).  The kit covers locos built by Avonside, Neilson, Vulcan and Yorkshire. This is all but the 3 Stephensons and single Black Hawthorne.

For the curious, the earlier short frame locomotives were 3″ shorter in the bunker, 2.5″ overall. The frame shape was also different – noticably so at the extremities. They were built to different drawings by the various builders and exhibited quite a few variations in form. The cab was slightly shorter and locos either had, or were retrofitted with the Avonside window style.  Rivet patterns, on cab and tank were very variable and the kit has optional parts to represent these. The short frame kit captures these differences in its etched parts and many other subtle distinctions can be represented with available castings.

The options for this kit are huge with 6 saddle tank options, alternate motion brackets, 3 styles of sand box, 3 alternative cowcatchers, many lighting styles and so on.  Only one option for each is included with the kit so the best idea is to supply a photo of your desired prototype so we can pack your box accordingly.  If you’d rather leave it up to us we can supply the parts for a representative locomotive, or provide suggestions.

The kit features:

  • Etched body (with many options) in 0.25mm nickel silver.
  • Etched chassis in 0.45mm nickel silver
  • Ball races for drivers
  • Integrated compensation
  • A sub-footplate PCB carrying all wiring for DCC sound, with plug arrangement for DCC decoder.
  • Tiny prewired LEDs for lighting
  • Many highly detailed brass castings direct from 3d prints for unrivalled detail
  • Coreless 1219 motor with 2 stage pre-assembled 50:1 gearbox.  Gears are cut, not moulded and run in ball races. Smooth and quiet.
  • Resin printed saddle tank – Easy!
  • Light under the boiler – The difference this makes to the appearance cannot be overstated.
  • 1 Piece highly detailed backhead
  • Integrated speaker enclosure with supplied sugarcube speaker (similar to LokSound V5 micro)

The fully illustrated instructions to assemble the kit run to 40 odd pages available as pdf download.  Click here to go to the instructions download page (If you do not have an account, you will need to create one, but the download is free).

Can you build this kit?  The basic kit has been designed explicitly to be easy to build.  Detailing it and decoder wiring is more difficult due to the need to drill small holes and solder small parts. As with all our kits we offer no fault replacement of damaged parts no matter what happened (Parts supplied according to availability and may be subject to a charge to cover costs).

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1 review for F Locomotive Kit (Short frame, built pre-1880)

  1. craigutting

    Working my way through this incredible kit at the moment – it’s my first etched kit, and Lawrence has been endlessly helpful. The kit is customised to match the photo of F 113 in 1935 – this is part of the purchase price, to make (almost) any version of the locomotive available. Everything fits beautifully, the instructions are detailed to a level unheard of in NZR kits, and my skills are rapidly increasing.

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