NZR A/Ab/Q/Aa/Wab Pacific locomotive backhead (1:64)

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A finely detailed one piece resin print representing the firebox and cab fittings of the Ab pacific.

The firebox has a wall thickness less than 1mm, and should therefore clear motors etc if needed.

The A, Q Aa and Wab classes had similar boilers for all or part of their lives and this firebox may also be appropriate for these classes.

Note that the render shows the product as supplied.  The primed/painted model depicts an earlier development version that differs slightly in detail.

1 review for NZR A/Ab/Q/Aa/Wab Pacific locomotive backhead (1:64)

  1. craigutting

    This is a work of art! It’s something which we could only dream of … or spend weeks painstakingly constructing from tiny pieces of brass… I bought one of theses even though I have no immediate plans to put this into a loco – and it’s even better “in the flesh” than in the pictures.

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