There are various items featured on this website and social media that have not been listed elsewhere in the Emporium for various reasons, primarily being that their appeal is narrow and does not justify their inclusion in the main list.

We have an enormous library of etched and 3D artwork that can be produced in almost any scale on request.

Items include, but are definitely not limited to:

  • Semaphore signals
  • Vehicle wheels
  • Standard locomotive parts – often kit parts not separately listed
  • Standard car and wagon parts – kit parts not seperately listed
  • Scenic items
  • Figures and livestock
  • Track components
  • Etched items
  • Hardware bits used in our kits

Where items have been produced to commission these will not be available without the consent of the artwork owner.  In our experience this is generally not unreasonably withheld.

For custom work please see the Workshop.

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