L and B OO9 couplers NEM fitting

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4mm scale couplers based on drawings from Ffestiniog for the L&B style couplers fitted to the locomotive ‘Lyn’.

This version is a clip fit into the standard NEM pocket fitted to most proprietary rolling stock.

Fitted coupler centre is 6mm above rail top. Supplied with pins for hooks. This version is ideal for those wishing to try scale couplers as no modification to stock is required.

See our guide to OO9 couplers for advice on fitting, usage and other recommendations.

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1 review for L and B OO9 couplers NEM fitting

  1. rbarnard080

    I’ve just received a quantity of the NEM variety of coupler, and have been fitting some of them to Peco and Heljan rolling stock.

    Fitting to rolling stock is simplicity itself and works brilliantly.

    The appearance of the couplers is of course superb, with the non-prototypical mounting barely noticeable.

    Assembly of the couplers is easier than the headstock-mounted variety, as it does not involve the use of tiny magnets. Running trials suggest that the NEM fitting couplers perform well on curves of reasonable radius, in spite of not being pivoted.

    I have two small observations/hints: Firstly, it is necessary to shorten the lower end of the vacuum pipes on Peco bogie rolling stock, to allow the “dog-leg” in the coupler shank to swing freely across the face of the headstock on curves. This is easily done. Secondly, Peco 4-wheeled wagons are very light, and they may be inclined to derail when propelling over reverse curves/crossovers, due to the inevitable lateral forces transmitted between adjacent vehicles. Weighted wagons behave better.

    Bob B

    • Lawrence Boul

      Thanks Bob. The NEM fit couplers are a trade off between ease of fitting and reduced sideplay – on 4 wheel wagons at least. As you point out they will work best in the absence of tight curves and on weighted wagons.

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