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Figuring it all out

As the 1:64 W kits are just about to be released, my thoughts turned back to crew figures to complete the picture.

One of the joys of modelling in the digital era is that output from one source can be imported into diverse software to simplify other steps.  In this case I was able to bring the locomotive cab into the modelling software to create figures that are realistic, highly detailed and perfectly fit the intended location. Great fun!

The fireman was an update of earlier efforts, clothed in more appropriate overalls and subtly reposed.

But it is the driver that really shows what can be done with this approach.  I’ve posed him with left hand on reverser, left foot on the reverser quadrant, right hand on the top of the bunker and right foot on the floor. Given that nothing is permanently fixed in these images, it is clear that the fit is very good.

These little guys are hot off the printer and I have not had a chance to paint them yet, but the facial and clothing details should be pretty clear.  If you look really hard you can spot some print artefacts, but these are not apparent under modest magnification

Fit is not quite perfect in these photos, but after a veneer floor is added to the cab, everything is fixed in place and the figures tweaked they should be very realistic.

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