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Website upgrade

If you are reading this and are a regular visitor to New Zealand Finescale you’ll have already noticed that the website has undergone something of a revamp.

Apart from the completely different look, the major change has been implementing online shopping.  Not only is the shop new, but we’ve also tried to list things which were previously unlisted or hard to find as well as some new items. However the migration is still a work in progress so some items have not made it onto the site yet. If there is something you want that isn’t listed please ask.

We’ve allowed commenting on blog posts and product review.  Please feel free to avail yourself of the opportunity to play with these features.  They are moderated though, so the usual etiquette will apply. There are also links to facebook and email if the urge to share something becomes overpowering.

Aside from the online ‘Emporium’, the change has been driven by the old site starting to break as well as the opportunity to take advantage of many of the new features that are available in web site design. The site should also work on all of your devices.

We’d like to make the website and blog a showcase, so if you would like to contribute photos, posts or other content please let us know.

On a technical note we have migrated to the WordPress 4 platform. The site building process has been quite quick and painless. If you do find something awry please let us know. Brilliant as the software is, there is still a human toiling in the engine room…


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  1. mark davis -

    Hello NZF,

    Great impovements to the website and good to see online shopping added. Keep up producing wonderful new products and bring back the older products that are discintinued (if demand is there).
    Mark Davis
    Sydney, AUS

  2. mark davis -

    Hi Lawrence,

    That’s good news. There are a few of the out of stock or discontinued products I’d be interested in. Looking forward to sseeing things appear in the Emporium …


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