F loco Victorian era parts


The F kits are intended for locos in post 1900 condition, or thereabouts. The situation prior to this is a little murkier as some changes were made to some locos almost immediately while others took a little longer.

Options for modelling pre-1900 Fs are:

Long frame (built post -1880), pretty simple as the basic form did not change a lot other than extending the smokebox, which is not too hard to do with the basic kit, with the addition of the original smokebox front casting. This etch supplies the short smokebox if you want the hard work done for you.

Avonsides – as above.

Yorkshire/Neilson/Vulcan – These locos had the small spectacle style windows as built. Cab ends with these are included on this etch. The fronts are supplied unriveted, so one or two may need to be added depending on the loco being modelled. The etch also features parts to do the original smokebox and a filler piece for the front footplate.

Reducing the length of the smokebox will impact on the ability to fit decoders as intended. My suggestion is to make the smokebox front removable to address this.

If you really want to get your early F right, the correct pattern wheels are also available as raw brass castings.

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