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Dunnies for Dummies

While drawing up some buildings for current projects, Haydn and I embarked on this little 1:64 dunny as a test piece. The floor is about 15mm square.

It is printed at 25 micron in X and Y with 20 micron layers.  It was printed this way to simplify painting.  Careful inspection will show that the timber framing could have used a little more support, but this doesn’t show when the model is assembled.  Single tin layers are 0.15mm thick with overlaps at 0.22mm.   We could have printed it considerably thicker than this without it showing but the test piece worked fine at 0.15 so we just stuck with that.  It makes the final result a little flexible so the model looks a little knocked around rather than being dead square.

Assembly of the ‘kit’ was pretty straight forward as the fit of parts is perfect:

The parts were painted prior to assembly and weathered afterward. Note that the nails are a prototypical leadhead pattern!

The only thing here not printed is the ‘rope’ handle on the door.

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