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In the last few weeks I’ve started to make serious  progress on the W.  The following photos are somewhat hastily posed.  I’m still waiting for dome and other castings, the smokebox door is blutacked in place and the cab roof is just placed.  The eagle -eyed will spot other deliberate mistakes, but the purpose here is to provide an update rather than win prizes. Remember to right click the photos for a larger image.

First up, an overview of the whole thing so far.  Despite the odd bit missing here, rest assured that all parts are well in hand and nearly ready.  All the detail castings have been proven, and the body etch works well, but has been tweaked to make assemble a little easier.  The Chassis is also proven, and a last review is the next step there.

This ultra cruel close up shows just how good some of the castings from the 3D printed patterns are.  Interestingly the castings that are done using waxes from an intermediate rubber (pump, generator etc) are not so sharp as those direct from the Emerald resin (Smokebox door, chimney and domes).  This despite the fact that the patterns for the moulds were better that the Emerald prints.  Nevertheless at normal viewing the detail is excellent.

Another view of the front end.

And fittingly, a last view of the rear, showing the electrical junction boxes.

If this whets your appetite please let us know.  The kit should be available within the next few months.

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