Pre-wired micro warm white LED 1x 0.5mm


These little LEDs are idea for locomotive and other model lighting.

Supplied with a 680 Ohm resistor for use at 12-18V.  With this resistor the LEDs are extremely bright.  Use a resistor with a value up to 100k Ohms to reduce the brightness.  At 100k Ohms the brightness is a warm pale yellow glow (as shown in the image of F154).

Note that the larger 0603 package is illustrated.


(SMD LED 0402): 1.0 x 0.5mm.

Colour temperature: 2800K-3500K.

Wire: 0.1mm diameter enamelled copper wire (Anode 200mm/ Cathode 180mm).

Operating Voltage:  3V (without resistor)

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