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Etched plates galore

With the W kit becoming imminent, one of the final tasks to sort out was the number and maker’s plates.

While doing that I also took the opportunity to do the WA, and F class plates as kits for these are on my drawing board.  There are also car class plates on the stock list.  All of these will be up on the Emporium shortly, but in the meanwhile here are some sneak preview shots.

All these plates are in 0.1mm brass.  They are through etched to assist in cutting out and are supplied unpainted as  shown.

Of course the major exercise with this was the set up.  Now that it is out of the way, we can now offer custom plates to the same standard as the examples here. It is worth noting that while the text on the plates is perfectly legible in the photos, you need pretty good eyes to read it on the plates, which are only around 4-6mm across in 1:64

Baldwin maker’s plates for a 9mm AA.

Plates in 1:64 for W238.  These plates (or optionally those for 192) will be included with the W kit.

1:64 scale Baldwin plates destined for my WB.

Plates for the Yorkshire built F186 (above) and Avonside F44 (below) in 1:64.

Plates for every member of locomotive classes F, W and WA are in stock now.  Stock plates are priced at $8.00.

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