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Here’s a little diversion, prompted by an email from Mark Andrews of Marks Model Works asking ‘Can you print this?’ My initial reaction was ‘No’ but after having a closer look I was thinking ‘Maybe’ and sure enough it turned out OK.

The shafts on the model are 0.6 mm square maximum, so this is really pushing the limit. The springs are ridiculously fine and it did take a few test runs to sort them out – and they are still failure prone. In fact the springs are so fine they actually work as on the prototype which is amusing.

Having printed it, the temptation to assemble and paint it was too good to pass up, even though there is no call for a gig at Rewanui.

Having put the cart first, I’m now struggling with the temptation of a finescale horse, and maybe a couple to sit in it.

All design credit to Mark. If you want one, contact him at Marks Model Works. Don’t forget to right click the image to view a larger image.

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