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New in the Emporium

With a new batch of etchings arriving I have updated the Emporium with some new products as well as some old favorites that have been out of stock for a long time.  There are a number of other developments that should be added shortly.

We have some new numberplate options available ex-stock.  Stock items are an eclectic assortment based on artwork on hand.  If you cannot find what you need in the stock items please drop me a note to request custom plates.  No difference in price – the only catch is you need to wait until I have accumulated a viable batch.

North British J plates.  The maker’s plate is just 3.1mm across. The text around the rim is around 0.25mm high and in the centre slightly less. 

Back in stock (by request) are the ladders that I first did many years ago.  These come with a little fold up jig to ease assembly.

New is a fret of load plates.  These are beautifully resolved and come in a range of ratings with the common 8 ton being predominant.

I have also listed a fret of windows and doors for the smaller classes of station based on Rewanui.

The window sashes fold up to form a glazing slot that allows a 0.25mm piece of glazing to be captured.  Also included is the platform valance, station nameboard and the lattice vent for the ladies lavatory. Now the hard bit is done, what’s stopping you?

Also back in stock are all of the kits and parts to build McKenzie and Holland lower quadrant semaphore signals like the one illustrated above.

Browse until your heart’s content.  No virtual salesman will be at your elbow!



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