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Tag Archives: casting

Another We post

In which your scribe continues his narration of the construction of We198… In the first thrilling instalment of this little exposition, I presented a CAD render of the cylinder and motion.  Those parts have since been refined, printed and cast.  The cylinder/slidebar/motion bracket were cast as a single part, as this simplifies construction significantly and…

Latest developments

Long time readers of the blog will appreciate that, here at NZ Finescale, recent efforts might be characterised as ‘productive dabbling’.  Productive in the sense that we’ve been able to demonstrate some pretty cool items. Dabbling, because this has not so far resulted in many new products that you can actually build.  No apologies from…


In the last few weeks I’ve started to make serious  progress on the W.  The following photos are somewhat hastily posed.  I’m still waiting for dome and other castings, the smokebox door is blutacked in place and the cab roof is just placed.  The eagle -eyed will spot other deliberate mistakes, but the purpose here…