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New in the Emporium

With a new batch of etchings arriving I have updated the Emporium with some new products as well as some old favorites that have been out of stock for a long time.  There are a number of other developments that should be added shortly. We have some new numberplate options available ex-stock.  Stock items are…

Making the “F”fort

One of the long term projects here at chez Finescale has been an F class locomotive.  In fact, considerable progress has been made on this from time to time, but it has yet to float up to the top of the ‘to do’ list.  Recent chatter on Facebook and elsewhere has prompted me to reassess…

A vehicle of an altogether different kind

The last vehicular distraction was self-inflicted, but this one came by email from Mark Andrews asking if a gig kit was a possibility. The answer to which is absolutely, and here are the first images.  The original gig (see here: ) was drawn by Mark based on a gig in  the Fielding museum. That drawing was…

Heavy Metal

Time for a practical post with some tips on soldering up etchings and castings. This is a slightly different exercise than electrical soldering, and the comments here will not be appropriate to rewiring the house. I’ve always rather liked the idea of 4 stages of learning: Unconscious incompetence Conscious incompetence Conscious competence Unconscious competence It…

Getting connected

One of the great things about insomnia is the amount of thinking you can get done.  Here’s the outcome of pondering how to achieve fitting the DCC chip into the W bunker in a tidy way that would still allow maintenance. The problems are: There is not a lot of room The Loksound chip comes…

Glitches – Resolved

The observant regular visitor may have noted some glitches in the way the Emporium displayed over the last few weeks. Fixing this has been a bit of a distraction, but it’s finally sorted.  I should now have time for more interesting things that will be appearing here shortly. Lawrence