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Cars for Rewanui

My approach to modelling is a little like cooking dinner.  You want everything to be ready at the same time!  So I try to problem solve and enable projects so that they can all be completed at some future point. Or maybe I’m just good at justifying to myself why I seldom finish anything. One…

What colour?

I’m not one of those artistic types, who seem to instinctively daub the right pigment around for realistic effect. Red/green colour blindness doesn’t help, but mainly I just don’t seem to have any empathy in this regard. So how to work around these modelling inadequacies…? Basically what I’m looking for is a method to define…

Layout update

It’s been a long time between layout updates.  Mostly this has been due to absolutely no direct progress, but this is deliberate.  My plan is to have all the stock and structures completed before getting too much into the layout.  The reason being that layouts fall into decline after completion, so I want to avoid…